The dresses exposed in Venice at Palazzo Albrizzi Capello are part of our “Glass World” Haute Couture collections. A world of dreams. Inside the transparency, the colors, the inclusions and the shapes of blown glass there is a universe of images and sensations. We recreate the same strong suggestions that only a child can experience in front of a colored glass. Two unique pieces, each one showing a different interpretation of the glass nature. 

Glass flower” with its surrealistic floral shapes reflects as a white mirror the luminous rays of the atmosphere.

Glass paint” is the ethereal celebration of transparency and lightness. The see through of silk becomes the canvas to paint luminescent glassy colors. 

Behind the shining surface of the two artworks dresses there is a long research spent processing fabrics to make them reflective and transparent. There is the invention of imaginary shapes never seen before. There are days of needle and thread, of strictly hand-stitched seams. There is our  way of a design haute couture.