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Last update: 19 November 2021

Welcome to the website

The website (hereinafter also referred to as the “Website”) is published and operated by MASSIMO CRIVELLI (hereinafter also referred to as “We”, “Our / a / and / i”, or “We “) who is the owner of the intellectual property rights of the MASSIMO CRIVELLI brand. MASSIMO CRIVELLI has granted l’ORANGERIE the right to sell some MASSIMO CRIVELLI products through Internet. L’ORANGERIE with registered office in Paderno Dugnano (MI) 20037, Via Gaspare Rotondi is a Company that produces and sells MASSIMO CRIVELLI products.

General Terms and Conditions of Use

The access to and the use of the website, as well as the purchase of products and services offered on the site, are subject to and governed by the following General Terms and Conditions of Use.

By accessing the website, you acknowledge and declare to have read, understood and accepted these General Terms and Conditions of Use and you irrevocably undertake to respect them.

If you do not intend to fully accept these General Terms and Conditions of Use, please leave now the website.

By using the site, you also totally accept what is included in the Privacy Policy of the website.

The General Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy of the website may be changed over time and therefore we invite you to read them carefully each time you are using the Website. The latest updates of the General Terms and Conditions of Use are effective from the date entered and published at the beginning of this document.

The Website is governed by the General Terms and Conditions of Use written and published at the time of its use. The same principle applies to the Privacy Policy.

Intellectual property

This Website and every element that constitutes it, such as trademarks (registered or not), logos (registered or not), pages, designs, models, illustrations, images, texts, data, icons, photographs, graphics, indexes, descriptions, (HTML codes and screens included therein) are exclusive property of MASSIMO CRIVELLI and are legally protected by trademark, copyright  protection or other forms of legal protection. The same rules apply for the domain name “”.

When you access the Website you have the right to visit all its public parts and to make the due  (private and personal) use of them but you cannot reproduce in whole or in part, publish, transmit, modify, sell all or part of the content of the website.

The MASSIMO CRIVELLI trademark (in all its graphic forms) and all the trademarks and logos connected to it (even if not registered) either visible or invisible on the Website are the exclusive property of MASSIMO CRIVELLI. Any kind of unauthorized use, reproduction, transmission or publication of the aforementioned trademarks and logos is always and in any case prohibited.

Limitation of liability / warrant disclaimer

The website and its contents are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy and the correctness of the contents of the Website, MASSIMO CRIVELLI cannot provide effective, direct or implied warranties on this regard. MASSIMO CRIVELLI does not represent or warrant that the Website contains exact, complete or updated statements and that the Website does not contain mistakes, technical inaccuracies, typos or other kind of errors. MASSIMO CRIVELLI may at any time make some corrections to the content of the Website without any notice or liability. However, there is no obligation for MASSIMO CRIVELLI to correct the Website or its content except when it is required by Law.

MASSIMO CRIVELLI also expressly disclaims any and all statements, representations or attestations of direct or indirect facts through the Website and its contents.

MASSIMO CRIVELLI disclaims all warranties (of any kind) regarding the “usual” or “normal” conditions of use of the website or the suitability of the Website for a generic or a specific use. MASSIMO CRIVELLI does not represent or warrant the technical quality of the Website and its contents.

MASSIMO CRIVELLI cannot give warranties to each and every user that the Website does not contain elements of discrepancy with the local Law if it is permitted by the Law itself.

MASSIMO CRIVELLI is in no case liable to the user or third parties for any indirect, incidental, accessory, special or consequential, financial or non-financial damage connected to the use of the site. This particularly includes, but is not limited to, any loss of profit or any other loss resulting from the direct or indirect commercial (and not personal) use of the Website as well as from the user’s inability to use it.

In any other case, liability will be excluded or limited according to the provisions of the applicable Law.

The present limitation of liability also applies in cases of unauthorized access to the Website, unauthorized alteration of transmissions or data, and it applies to the third parties’ statements or conducts on the Website.

By using the website, the user agrees to bear all risks connected to this use and he accept to raise MASSIMO CRIVELLI,  or any Corporate Subject or Company connected to MASSIMO CRIVELLI  from any damage arising out or in connection with the use of the Website.

MASSIMO CRIVELLI has the right to interrupt the access to the Website for technical, security or maintenance reasons and also the right to close temporarily or permanently Website without any prior notice and without any liability. By using the website, the user acknowledges and accepts that MASSIMO CRIVELLI will not be liable to him or to third parties in the above cases.

Website security

MASSIMO CRIVELLI does not state or warrant the “security” of the website as no warranty is given on what is transmitted via the Internet. By way of example, MASSIMO CRIVELLI does not guarantee that the Website is free from viruses, Trojans horses or other destructive programs.

Links to other websites

The website may contain links to third party websites that are not managed and not controlled by MASSIMO CRIVELLI. These links are provided to help and support users. These links could sometimes lead to Companies who may use the logo of MASSIMO CRIVELLI or other graphic elements, according to formal co-branding agreements with MASSIMO CRIVELLI. These websites are regulated by third party Terms and Conditions of Use and not by our Terms and Conditions.  These sites may send their cookies and collect user’s information according to their Privacy Policy but not according the Privacy Policy adopted by

A link to a “third party website” on, does not imply a direct or indirect approval of the website itself neither it implies an endorsement of the contents, or of any product or service offered. Therefore MASSIMO CRIVELLI is not responsible or in any way liable for these websites or their contents, their goods or services. MASSIMO CRIVELLI cannot be held responsible for any damages or losses, even indirect, deriving from use of a linked third party website.

No person, Company or different subject can create a link to the website without the express and formal authorization of MASSIMO CRIVELLI.

Governing law, interpretation and jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Italian Law. By accessing the Website the user acknowledges and accepts the Italian Law as the applicable law to this Website, in accordance with EC Regulation 593/2008 of 17 June 2008. These General Terms and Conditions of Use are originally drafted in Italian language, so in the event of an interpretative discrepancy between the original  text in Italian language and its translation into any other language, the original text in Italian language will be considered as the binding version. Any legal action arising out, relating to, connected with or deriving from these General Terms and Conditions of Use will be subject to the Italian law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Milan, Italy. MASSIMO CRIVELLI reserves the right to request injunctions or precautionary orders for the defense of its rights as indicated in these General Terms and Conditions of Use.